Climate change in the Coastal Zone

State of the art report: Future sea levels
June 2011

In Europe, adaptation to climate changes will be necessary.  The BLAST state of the art report: Future sea levels, developed by the BLAST project group working on Coastal Zone Climate Change, presents future sea level rise scenarios in North Sea countries to assist in making decisions on when and how to adapt to these changes. The scenarios will be used as input to BLAST ICZM Decision support system. The range of different scenarios is very large, showing the need for a flexible decision support system.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the North Sea region
September 2012

The BLAST project assessed the scientific and legal framework for current ICZM practices. The assessment analysed how ICZM policies are implemented in practice among the North Sea countries. This report reveals how some policies and legislation provide mutual support for ICZM,
while others counteract each other. It also underlines the need for discussing ICZM in a European context as a way to improve the national ICZM practices.

Click here to download the report on ICZM in the North Sea region

Climate change adaptation strategies
September 2012

Although there remains a level of uncertainty about the degrees of climate change that can be expected in the coming decades, the North Sea countries are working on adapting to climate change. This report catalogues how three North Sea countries are working on multi-faceted climate change adaptation. It illustrates how adaptation measures should be efficient and flexible, and that mitigation measures are also key to measures that can be sustainable in the long term.

Coastal Zone Management Decision Support System
June, 2012

To help improve ICZM-related decision making, BLAST developed a Coastal Indicator System (COINS) for use by planning authorities.

Based on the 27 climate change indicators developed by the European Expert Group on ICZM, COINS indicates how coastal planners can take account of potential future impacts of climate change in their work. COINS is web-based, built on open source components and can be used free of charge from most web browsers under different operation systems.

View the prototype COINS system here: (Note: Not available for Internet Explorer)

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