Navigating the North Sea

ENC Harmonisation
May 2010

This tool can be used to compare adjacent ENC cells to determine whether there are inconsistencies between them. The tool can be used by the hydrographic offices of neighboring countries in order to address how they might harmonise ENC cells across their boundaries. 

Download the ENC Harmonisation Checker tool

State of the Art: Nautical Information Management
March 2010

This report analyses how information on conditions at sea, chart inconsistencies or nautical publication updates flow from users in the field to responsible national agencies in three BLAST countries. 

Download the State of the Art Report

Maritime Data Collection System
July 2011
Based on the results of the State of the Art report, this prototype system permits users in the field to enter information on conditions at sea, chart inconsistencies or nautical publication updates in a shared, structured system. A switchboard on the back-end of the system permits the information and updates to be assigned to the responsible national authority.

The system is intended to provide a single-point-of-contact for mariners to contact national authorities, also across national boundaries. It is also intended to provide national authorities with a simple tool to ensure that enquiries are properly directed to the correct authorities.

3D Port Model
July 2011

Developed and tested for the Flemmish harbour of Zeebrugge, the 3D port model integrated topographic and hydrographic height data to provide a new approach to nautical navigation. The concept of the 3D port model is based on studies that show increased mental processing time for the use of north-up and heads-up chart displays.

If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the 3D port model developed by BLAST, please contact T-Kartor.

Read the 3D Port Model report here. 

Digital Mariners' Routing Guide
August 2012

This prototype Routing Guide includes nautical chart data and publications contents for three countries in the North Sea region. The Routing Guide is intended to provide mariners with a one-stop planning tool in which all route planning can be undertaken. Mariners and navigators would be able to use the Guide as a comprehensive source of information on navigational, environmental, jurisdictional and other conditions when navigating in the North Sea.

Harmonisation of Nautical Information
December 2011

Three BLAST members worked to integrate nautical publication content into nautical chart formats, based on the data model developed by the IHO's SNPWG (Standardisation of Nautical Publications Working Group). This report chronicles the experiences and challenges inherent in the process.

Click here to download the report on the Harmonisation of Nautical Information

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